Exotic Fruits and Local Produce in France
Exotic Fruits and Local Produce in France

Exotic Fruits and Local Produce in France


When you think of France, the first images that come to mind might be the Eiffel Tower, croissants, or the Riviera. But did you know that France is also home to a diverse range of fruits, both exotic and local?

The Charm of French Local Produce

French local produce, with its rich and varied flavors, has always been the heart and soul of the nation’s cuisine. Why? Because there’s something special about biting into a fruit that’s been cultivated on home soil. It carries the essence and the story of the land. But the French aren’t just limited to their local produce; they have an adventurous palate too!

Exotic Fruits Gaining Popularity


Known as the “king of fruits” in Southeast Asia, durian is a fruit that you either love or hate. With its unique smell and creamy texture, it’s finding its way into the kitchens of adventurous French chefs. Have you ever tried durian cheesecake?


A queen to balance the king! Mangosteen, with its purple exterior and sweet, juicy flesh, is becoming a favorite for those in France seeking a taste from the tropics.


Looking almost like a hairy strawberry, rambutans are juicy, sweet, and a delightful surprise for first-timers. Their increasing presence in French markets indicates their growing demand.

France’s Treasured Local Fruits

Mirabelle Plums

Hailing from the Lorraine region, Mirabelle plums are small, yellow, and incredibly sweet. They’re often used in jams and tarts. Ever tried a Mirabelle tart? It’s heaven in every bite!

Reine Claude Plums

Another variety of plum, these are juicy and have a slightly tart flavor. They make excellent companions for cheese platters.

Chasselas Grapes

These aren’t your typical grapes. Originating in France, Chasselas grapes are thin-skinned, sweet, and perfect for a summer afternoon snack.

The Balance of Traditional and Exotic

France’s culinary scene is a blend of tradition and innovation. While the love for local produce remains unwavering, the incorporation of exotic fruits showcases their openness to global flavors. Isn’t it amazing how food can bring the world together?

Where to Buy These Fruits in France

Local Markets

Visiting a local French market is an experience in itself. From the chatter of vendors to the vivid colors of produce, it’s a sensory delight. This is where you’ll find the freshest of local fruits and maybe even stumble upon some exotic gems.

Specialty Shops

For those fruits that are harder to find, specialty shops or ‘épiceries exotiques’ in bigger cities like Paris or Lyon will have a curated selection of exotic wonders.


France, with its gastronomic heritage, never ceases to surprise. Whether it’s embracing flavors from afar or celebrating homegrown produce, the country is a haven for fruit enthusiasts. So the next time you’re in France, why not embark on a fruity adventure?


  1. What’s the best season for Mirabelle plums?
    • Late summer, especially August, is the prime season.
  2. Are exotic fruits expensive in France?
    • Some can be pricier due to import costs, but shopping around can yield good deals.
  3. How do I know if a rambutan is ripe?
    • It should be bright red with a slightly soft feel when pressed.
  4. Are there any French dishes that use durian?
    • While not traditional, some modern patisseries and chefs experiment with durian in desserts.
  5. Do Chasselas grapes make good wine?
    • Absolutely! They’re often used to produce a light, dry white wine.

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